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Friday, February 6, 2009

Digital Alchemy opened today, and the first thing I did upon signing in tonight was tp over there and check it out. I wanted to see the Runway show, but daytime events are almost impossible for me to attend during the week. I was impressed by the wide variety of special items available; items the designers created specifically for this Egyptian themed event.

I love Egyptian mythology and art, so I expected to find at least one thing I liked here, and when I came upon the Eternal Nefartari dress by Shai Delacroix of Casa del Shai, I knew I'd have to buy it. The only decision was color, and I finally settled on the beautifully Egypitan Blue and Gold version.

Eternal Nerfertari is a gown befitting a Goddess, or in this case a Queen. The texture is simply stunning. The sheer top is made to look like you're wearing liquid gold, and I love the combination of it being worn over the colored undershirt. The dress has a gorgeous royal blue band around the waist, and the same material can be seen crisscrossed on the back.

Of course, the little touches are what make a creation go from wow to WOW, and this piece definitely has it. From the armbands that match the blue of the undershirt, to the Egyptian letters along the waistband and above the sash, this amazing gown has it all. It even comes with arm bands to help with the ever daunting task of accessorizing, though I chose to wear the Royal Scarab Amulets in Blue and Gold from C & D Designs. They're available at Digital Alchemy as a free gift. How fun is that?

To complete my Egyptian Queen ensemble, I grabbed another item at the Digital Alchemy event, the Cleo hair from Inorite. This fantastic bob comes in two versions, with and without the gold tiara, which I am quite pleased about. I like this hair well enough to wear it with non-Egyptian themed outfits, so that comes in handy. Of course, I am a sucker for well done hair with fun color names. For this look, I'm wearing The Deepest Blues are Black. But I think my favorite color choice is either Morphine and Chocolate or Hit the Bottle, Baby. Though, Turning Me to Rust is fun too. I'd not heard of Inorite before this event, but I did run and check out the main store, and they have a very small but fun selection of hair with cute names. I can't wait to see what Violet Morellet comes up with next.

Definitely check out Rezzable's Digital Alchemy event. If you like all things Egyptian, you'll love these specially designed pieces. And even if you don't, you're sure to find some fun and one of a kind designs.

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Skin: Celestial Studios - Charmed Skin - 20 (Glitter - Silver 2)
Eyes: Eye AC - darkturquoise
Manicure: Sin Skins - Glitter Manicure, Crimson
Pedicure: Candy Nails - #000 - Basic Toenails, Red
Hair: ::Inorite:: - Cleo Bob (Tiara Option) - The Deepest Blues are Black
Dress: Casa del Shai - Eternal Nefertari, Blue
Shoes: ZHAO - Savannah, Gold
Accessories: C&D Designs, Royal Scarab Amulets, Blue/Gold
Lassitude & Ennui Signature Necklace, Gold

Photos #1 & #2: Long Awkward Pose - Back to the Wall
Photo #3: Striking Poses - Angelina Jolie_10
Photo #4: Long Awkward Pose - Geisha - Memoirs PR4

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