Day to Night  

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Do you ever have those days when you find yourself running between the office and an evening engagement without time to go home and change? I do. Alot. My daytime purses are crammed full of shoes, smaller evening bags, mascara, lipgloss and random bits and bobbles...the ultimate arsenal for any quick-change artist.
In SL I spend alot of time wandering the grid, dressed in my smartest shopping attire, searching out clothes, events and builds to tell you about. But, when that work is done, I like to glam it up a little bit and head out dancing with friends. This post is all about taking a wardrobe staple and making it work from Day to Night with just a quick change of accessories.

Oh, and the best can toss these chic linen pants in your oversized daytime bag with no worries. They will come out of your inventory just fine and you'll never even see the dry cleaning bill.

I started with the Loose Neck Tunic in Black from GLAM, shortened the sleeves and wore it with the puffy layer. This was the base for the transitional look. For daytime, I added the Tilda Pants from Cachet, a gold chain from Miam Miam, and some black platforms from Shiny Things to anchor the look. I finished off with a big red bag from Bianca F. and stuffed it full with all of the accessories I would need to change for an evening out.

When the workday was finally finished, I traded in my classic linen pants and platforms for a deliciously glam gold skirt and Paris boots from Digit Darkes, threw on some nylons, added a bolder necklace and ring from Paper Couture, some shiny gold bangles, and finished it off with a gold paillette clutch from Fleur (formerly Tete a Pied).

For good measure, I tied my hair back in a loose and messy can get hot out there on the dancefloor, you know.

Do you have a great quick-change outfit idea? Drop me a notecard in-world and tell me what you have in mind. We'll take some quick photos and I'll feature you and your outfits on the blog! I can't wait to see what you come up with! Until then, play with your wardrobe, mix it up, have fun...and then tell me all about it =)

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Let's Here it One More Time for Digital Dragon  

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I wanted to cut this into two posts because Digital Dragon Designs is so complex in what they do. There is so much to see at their Sim that it takes a good day to see it all. Make sure to click below for the jump to the full post.

I picked this furniture for my house because I love the modern look. I know Gabs, its black and white. I absolutely love black and white and black and red. In this house I have tried to be different but I couldn't pass this set up. As you sit in the cushy seats, you can click on the seat to change poses. Each seat has this feature in it and I love it because you aren't stuck in the same position each time you sit. I also like that you can change them depending on what you are wearing.
I also wanted to throw in some of Zoey's awesome new dresses that she has released. One of them is the one in the last post but this grunge/modern funk look is hot as well. She is truly talented and you can find all varieties of stles and looks. Thanks so much again Zoey and Ninja and all you Glamourazzi hotties get out there to DDD today!!

What I am wearing above:
Skin:DDD Seductive glow skins: Darkness
Hair:PHilotic Energy-Iseult Kohl-Black
Eyes:Glanz-mid blue
ring: becks sweetheart ring
belly chain: DDD-silver Angel Bell Chain
Outfit:DDD-cloe black/white
Boots:DDD-Ladies Grudge boots

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Color Come To Life: eLDee Fashion Show  

Monday, April 28, 2008

Picking up where I left off, Saturday evening was as busy as Saturday afternoon, and the highlight was attending the eLDee Fashion Show at the JM Models Fashion House. Lilyana Dryke, the L and D of eLDee, is quickly becoming one of my favorite designers for her easy-to-wear style sensibilities and dressy-casual chicness.

Our host for the evening, Eddi Haskell (sorry, have to giggle just a little here as that name calls to mind fond memories of one of my favorite childhood TV shows)...oops, back to the post...Eddi described the featured designer in this way:

"Lilyana is a designer with a fondness for beautiful rich colour, stunning unique textures and simple yet striking, fun, flirty and sexy casual designs in her outfits. The collection you are about to see tonight will appeal to every taste and personality, especially for the girl who likes to mix n' match her wardrobe, these outfits are a must."

This is my second time attending a show at the JM Models Fashion House, and I have to tell you that I just love the facility. This time I even hung around for a little bit after the show and everyone was just so friendly (why am I always shocked by the friendliness in SL? I've yet to meet a truly boorish av). I only wish that I had taken more, and quite frankly, better pictures at the event. For pictures from the live show, please visit the JM Models blog.

Click the jump for more info, photos and style sheets.

After the show, I hurried over to eLDee's flagship store on the Sapphire sim to pick up several of the outfits featured. I would suggest you do the same.

eLDee Eva in Blue, ETD Ashley in Blonde, Shiny Things Francoise Flats in Blue

eLDee Panze in Yellow, ETD Davina II in Blonde, Kittie's Lair PeepToe Pumps Tease! in Vine

eLDee Bali in Yellow, Armidi Glamourous II, Maitreya ChiChi Pumps in Black

eLDee Line in Orange, ETD Wynn in Blonde, Kittie's Lair PeepToe Pumps Tease! in Snake 01

eLDee Atoll Swimsuit in Lemon (this Limited Edition suit was a gift for show attendees), ETD Brenda in Blonde

In all photos: Skin: Fleur Vivant Bronze Feline 3

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Always Be Prepared.  

Sunday, April 27, 2008

That's the girl scout motto for a reason, dear Glamourazzi readers. Having an extensive wardrobe is something we joke about, but it really does come in handy. You never know what's going to happen when you log in world, or who you're going to meet, or what you'll be asked to do. Unexpected things have a habit of coming up in this virtual world of uors, and a Glamourazzi girl must always have the right outfit for the right occasion. For instance, like when you're asked to join a rock band five minutes before the concert.

My friend Rhodesy Durant and I got roped into being part of the backup band for the very talented Jax Streeter, SL musician. He was scheduled to perform at an in-world concert at the London School of Journalism and his band was nowhere to be found. So, he asked us to get dressed and join him on stage. Being nice girls, we agreed. It was so much fun! Nerve-wracking to say the least, but I was pleased that I was able to pull a look together in less then five minutes. Thankfully, just a few days before, Rhodesy and I had visited Nyte 'N' Day for a little shopping spree.

Nyte 'N' Day is one of the first stores I discovered upon entering SL, but I hadn't been there for many, many months. I'm so glad I took the time to go back. They had a lot of new stuff I hadn't seen, and Rhodesy and I both spent an obscene amount of lindens. The first thing I bought was a simple, chic outfit to wear while working at MDR Photo Studio. Pictured below, it's called Quadrate, and I just love the pattern on the sleeves. The fit is perfect too. It's casual but still sexy.

I bought Sin just for fun, and yes, for the name. How could I resist? I wasn't completely sure about it, to be honest, but the prices are so reasonable, I bought it anyway. When I put it on, I loved it! It was very flattering, and the criss-crossed staps on the back display my bare back perfectly. It's short enough to be sexy but long enough to still be decent. All in all, it was just the right look for my rock star stage debut.

Rhodesy and I also had plans to hear our good friend and boss, Maht Wuyts DJ at Velvet. If you're looking to dance the night away to some great music, you'll find me and Rhodesy (and sometimes Pyper) there on Saturday night listening to Maht spin some great tunes from 6-8 p.m. SL. Nyte 'N' Day came to our wardrobe rescue once again for this event. As soon as I saw the Outlaw outfit, I snagged it. I love the combination of pinstripes with chunky straps and metal rings. The fact that it's so short doesn't hurt the sexy factor, either. Paired with the Janey hair from ETD, it made a stunning combination. Rhodesy (friend and fellow MDR Photographer) snapped this picture of us dancing at the club. Don't we look great?

Nyte 'N' Day is a fabulous place to stop when you're out and about shopping in world. What I love most about it is the variety. You can find just about anything there, from office chic to rock star chick, and everything in between. The clothing is fabulously priced, not too expensive, and the quality is amazing. So check it out the next time you're looking for that must-have outfit and keep those inventories well stocked. Always be prepared to be a Superstar Avatar.

Arcadia Nighfire Model Info for Quadrate:
Skin: CS Charmed Skin 20 - Glitter-Silver 2
Shape: Original creation
Hair: Curio, Creepy - Vamp Red
Eyes: AC Eyes - Turquoise
Manicure: Sin Skins Glitter Manicure in Crimson
Outfit: Nyte n Day - Quadrate
Shoes: ZHAO - Tamara
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks - Diamond Nose Stud
Caroline's - Individual, Right hand ring.
Earthstones - Pentacle Necklace Silver/Onyx
Bejewelled - Silver Bangles

Arcadia Nightfire Model Info for Sin
Skin: CS Charmed Skin 20 - Glitter-Silver 2
shape: Original creation
Hair: Curio, Creepy - Vamp Red
Eyes - AC Eyes - Turquoise
Manicure - Sin Skins Glitter Manicure in Crimson
Outfit: Nyte n Day - Sin
Shoes: Falln – Tall Vinyl Boots, Black
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks - Diamond Nose Stud
Caroline's - Individual, Right hand ring.

Arcadia Nightfire Model Info for Outlaw:
Skin: CS Charmed Skin 20 - Glitter-Silver 2
shape: Original creation
Hair: ETD Janine
Eyes - AC Eyes - Turquoise
Manicure - Sin Skins Glitter Manicure in Crimson
Outfit: Nyte n Day - Outlaw
Shoes: Falln - Tall Vinyl Boots
Jewelry: *Starz* Kinky Belts - Armband
*Starz* - Veranica Bracelets
Inks & Kinks - Diamond Nose Stud
Caroline's - Individual, Right hand ring.

Rhodesy Durant Model Info:
Skin: Naughty Designs Alina
shape: Original creation
Hair: ETD Jenine
outfit: Gloves from Gothicatz, top and pants- Nyte n' Day Suspence.
shoes: from WRONG Metal Boots (base and bottom only)
Jewelry: Necklace and earrings - *UnTone* HSCD set from *UnTone* Accessories, main store.
Arm and leg band - Kinky Belts from *Starz*

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Meetups and Openings and Shows..Oh My!  

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday was a very busy day on the grid and I did my best to make the most of it! First up was the Twitter meetup where I had the opportunity to visit with all of my new twitter friends.*waves* I only wish I'd thought to take more pictures.::sigh::

(What? You don't twitter? You simply must, darlings! Ha! I even talked Guy into it!)

Harper Beresford and CodeBastard Redgrave hold court at the Twitter Meetup.

While at the party, my new, fabulous friend, CodeBastard Redgrave, invited me to attend the opening of the Arthole gallery with her. I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the exhibits in abject amazement and then dancing and laughing and taking part in general mischief making.

When you arrive at Arthole, you are given a notecard that reads, in part:

"Arthole is a new collaborative project between Arahan Claveau and Nebulosus Severine. Having successfully worked together for the first time in 2007 on the exhibition Salon Du Disruptif for the Heldscalla Foundation, they were eager to establish a permanent space for their work.

Split into three separate levels, the gallery has been very consciously conceived to be a continually evolving space, that will strive to challenge and surprise the visitor. The environment has been designed to encourage exploration at a more considered pace, and those that choose to do so will likely be rewarded with a much more immersive and satisfying experience."

In fact, you will find several notecards as you study the individual works. Read them. They are full of information that will enhance your enjoyment of the exhibit.

Instead of regurgitating that information to you here, I'm going to leave you with some photos and captions and brief little snippets...and a direct command to visit the space for yourself. I promise that you will not be disappointed. Click on each photo for a larger view.

Located on the third level, which will be used for exhibits by visiting artists, this photo was taken in the space created by Arthole's first guest, Ichibot Nishi. The installation is titled "λ.mnemonic” and there really are no words to describe it, you must see and experience for yourself. Codie took the above photo of the two of us inside the giant vagina. Please click this link to Codie's Flickr page to view more of her photos from the opening...and then browse around to see ALL of her amazing work...DO NOT skip the Boudoir Rouge series.

Like so many of the exhibits, both Simulacrum v2 and Untitled v2 are scripted to provide a multi-dimensional display. Simulacrum v2 shows subtle changes in movement and texture that will mesmerize the viewer and Untitled v2 is comprised of a series of overlapping images creating an ever-evolving work of art.

Null will really draw you in. When you first teleport to the level, it appears to be simply a bright white room with pyramidical walls. Walk into the space, though, and you will notice that the walls follow you. Go ahead, fly around, they'll keep up. Did I mention that you need to turn your sound up when visiting the gallery? No? How remiss of me! Please, do make sure your sounds are turned up, it will really enhance your experience here. Especially when you turn away from the Null space and enter the Fontana exhibit.

My favorite exihibit, though, is titled Fuck me/Shoot me. Each of the eight colored panels is comprised of tiny, repeating images of an anonymous, shirtless British soldier holding a gun. (The inset picture here, showing the detail, was taking from the notecard provided by the artist) As you walk or fly into the panels, the color will change on contact. The interactivity, and gravity, of the piece is awe-inspiring.

Oh, and I did mention the party, yes? Of course, I remembered the party! What a fabulous time! I must thank Codie again (and again and again and again) for inviting me...we danced up a storm, laughed hysterically and held a very *cough* serious *ahem* discussion as to the pros and cons of jiggly prim breasts.

Oh, but the busy day did not end there. Later that evening, Guy and I attended the eLDee Fashion Show featuring the designs of the uber talented Lilyana Dryke. Tune in Monday for pictures from the show.

Now get thee to Arthole tout de suite! Right after you open that twitter account, of course. *wink*

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Introducing Arcadia Nightfire to the Glamourazzi Team  

We would like to introduce to you Arcadia Nightfire, our newest Glamourazzi Hottie....She has been a great friend to me and I absolutely love her style. You never know what look she will have each time you see her. She has an excellent eye for photography as you will see in her posts.
Arcadia was dragged into SL by two RL friends and the promise of a Duran Duran in-world concert. The concert has yet to happen, but she's stayed in world anyway and has found SL to be way more fun than she expected it to be. In world, she is the newest photographer at the renowned MDR Photo Studio and also the administrator extrodinarre there. She spends most of her SL time taking photos and listening to her favorite dj's spin tunes at parties or clubs. When not working or at one of her favorite clubs, you can usually find Arcadia shopping with her friends. They are always on the lookout for great finds and the best new designers. Her style is incredibly eclectic and fresh and it ranges from corsets to formal wear. She changes hair styles like she changes clothes and it's very rare to see her wear one outfit for longer than a day. Why would she when she has so many to choose from? Her RL is just as busy as her SL. She spends most of her RL time working or pursuing her many hobbies, which include writing, photography, painting, reading, and, of course, shopping.
Welcome Arcadia...Can't wait to see what you come up with! :) We are so glad you are joining us.

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Digital Dragon Designs Rawks! post 1.  

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hi all..I met the coolest couple in SL last week....Zoey Pinkdot and Ninja Petion. They are a couple in RL that decided to try SL out for a test drive and haven't jumped out yet....They have stayed together through the trials and tribulations of SL and they are the cutest couple I have met yet!

Please touch the jump to read the whole article!

They opened a store called Digital Dragon Designs and it has everything you could imagine...Clothes, Shoes, AO's, Jewelry, Skins, furniture, and weapons. They don't skmp on quality on any of these areas either. I have decided to break this post down into two main parts and then of course I will be reviewing their work from now on.

It was so great to meet a couple that is so into eachother and just so outgoing and talented. Ninja is never ending working on something, even as we were speaking. ;) He was working on his new ciagrettes and ash tray. The intricate details that both of them put in their designs are remarkable. From the buckles on Zoey's boots to the smoke real to life smoke that is emitted from the cigarettes that Ninja does.

I decided to put the skins tha Zoey has created in this post because I abosolutley love them. She had let me try them when we were finished talking and wanted my opinion and OMG!! I love them. They are so detailed and the makeup choices are very unique. From the drama eyes that have the theatre look to the natural that is a light dusting of beauty. You have to check these out.

Thanks so much you two for allowing me learn more about you...It is really great to meet such great people. You both have such great talent, keep at it! See you in the next post for part 2. Thanks for taking time to talk to me Zoey and Ninja, I love you guys!


1. DDD Seductive Glow Skins-Angel (pink) full length
head shots
2.DDD Seductive Glow Skins-Angel (pink)

3. " " -Carousel (midnight)

4. " " -Darkness (Burnt)

5. " " -Demure (night)

6. " " -Drama (Blue)

(bottom set of skins)
DDD Seductive Glow Skins-2

7DDD Seductive glow Skins-Drama Kitty (Midnight glow)

8. " "- Marilyn (drama)

9. " "- Natural (lined)

10 " " smoldering (red)

11 " " Splash (orange/yellow)
Fullshot -splash orange/yellow


Seductive Glow skins-Darkness-

eyes mid fresh blue

nails red

Beck's Sweethearts ring (female)

DDD Temptress-Red (MINI DRESS)

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Girlie Glam  

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

While rummaging, I mean, inventory last night, I came across these fabulous pants from Digit Darkes. I distinctly remember purchasing them, but I had never even opened the box! They are fabulously glam, but the pink touches on them made me feel a little girlie, also.

Since I had finished organizing my accessories over the weekend, I knew exactly where to find the pink belt from Shiny things that really brings out the detailing in the pants.

No matter how hard I tried though, I just couldn't find a top in my inventory that completed the outfit. So...I had to break my "diet" and headed off to G.L.A.M. for a top. And wouldn't you know it, Miam Miam is on the same sim! I had seen this new-to-me shop blogged, but had never actually visited so I stocked up on some jewelry while I was out also. *Sigh* I really AM a compulsive shopper. Is there a twelve-step program I need to look into for this addiction?

Oh, wait! Hold the phone! Today is my RL birthday, so I think we can classify all of my purchases as early birthday presents to myself! There we go. Rationalization complete.

Hope you enjoy the looks. Style sheets below the photo.

Pants: Digit Darkes Diversity Pant-Sasy Silver
Shirt: G.L.A.M. Metallic Belt Tubetop in Silver
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Elegant Slingbacks in Silver Twinkle
Necklaces: Miam Miam *MM* Hot Lips Charm Necklace and Medallian Charm Necklace
Ring: 16 Diamond Silver Band (London Collection)(Small) by Debbie Watson (no longer available)
Skin: La Sylphide - Ingrid - Light - "Lust" RFL 2008 Exclusive
Hair: ETD Davina II - Platinum Blackened
Eyes: Dramavatar_Eyes_Dark_12 by CodeBastard Redgrave

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Second Life Ballet Moves to Real Life!  

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Phylogeny" is an original ballet presented with live original music in collaboration with Indiana University/Purdue University, Indianapolis.
Premiere April 22, 2008.

Please Read more on this story after the jump

Animations & Choreography by Inarra Saarinen
Music composed by Douglas Anderson and performed live by IUPUI Telematics Ensemble, Scott Deal conducting
Costumes designed by SavannahAnn McClean, SpiritAvatars by Jakkal Dingo

Set designed by Inarra Saarinen
Set build by Tik Merlin and Mark Cassini
Synopsis: It is the beginning of time. We see beings fly and soar in the air and crawl and tumble on the ground. They are not animals, but humans. Then, as their dance and the mysterious music continues, they transform into bears. Then the bears transform into dragons. Who has evolved from whom? A different view of who was first and phylogeny -- the development of the species.

The PlaceThe universe.

The TimeThe beginning.
The Dancers:

Amelie Dibou (Washington, DC)
Deyna Broek (California)
Neena Botanical (New York City)
Pyper Dollinger (Florida)
Tatiana Kurri (Califorrnia)
Tik Merlin (Portugal)
Vivienne Darcy (Colorado)
The Crew:Espresso Saarinen (Tokyo), roadie
Halden Beaumont (Portugal), machinimatographer
Mariel Voyunicef (Mexico City), photographer
Willis Cassini (Washington DC), sound engineer

Mark Cassini (Minneapolis), Master of Ceremonies

Inarra Saarinen (Tokyo), DirectorFounder and Artistic DirectorSecond Life Ballet

Thanks to IBM for hosting us in our Second Life Ballet Theatre.Special thanks to Kristin Story (Maya Debevec) and Scott Deal of Indiana University/Purdue University, Indianapolis and the other artists and techs there for asking us to join in this exciting venture!Second Life Ballet is a dance company that is exploring the intersection of virtual and physical dance in a virtual world called Second
YouTube search "Olmannen"

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Subscribe-O-Matic is Awesome!!!!!  

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ok, so how many of you have the "My groups are full" blah's? Me Me Me.....Well, if you haven't heard some of the best designers and creators are moving gears and joining up with the best concept ever. It is called the Subscribe-O-Matic, a group system that doesn't take up any of the 25 your allowed in your profile. So you can click, click, click away and join as many as you want!! As the shop owners, Blog writers(hehe), and organizations put up their own personalized sign you just add yourself by clicking. It gives the group owners the freedom of sending a message, checking who is in their groups, location of their signs all on Subscribe-O-Matic website. Easy setup is the key here and boy was it easy for me to set ours up. Put your name and pic right in the controller and set your sign out and off you go. If you aren't using one yet you should and if you haven't joined one of these groups yet you should. It is super simple and easy to use.

I also want to take the time to thank all of our group members that have joined us in the Glamourazzi Subscribe-O-Matic Group. We really appreciate all of you and thanks for reading!!!! Remember let us know what you like and what you want to see and Happy Shopping!

If you aren't in the group allready, here are the places you can go to get signed up:

Spirit City
Tsunami Beach
MDR Photo Studios

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Come, Speed...Away  

Have I told you about my new home? Guy and I recently moved to Balboa Beach, where we share a sim with new friends Donal and Lorrie. It is a beautiful place with lots of lush landscaping, white sand beaches, and, because it is a part of the United Sailing Sims, wide open water for boating. So, of course, I am learning to sail. I have the sweetest little Pine Tako that Guy outfitted with new sails that depict the perfect sunset. It is just the thing for romantic jaunts across the USS or competitive races at Starboards Yacht Club.

Sometimes, though, a girl needs something a little racier. This new boat from MaxMarine and the new bikinis from Mimikri are just what the doctor ordered.

The new Swordfish 40 from MaxMarine owner and creator, Maxmilian Milosz, caught my eye the first time I laid eyes on it. And the fact that it was available in pink was just a bonus! I haven't bought one yet (I think it will be a little present to myself once my inventory is under it incentive), but that didn't stop me from visiting it at the marina and taking some pictures of the new St. Tropez line from Mimikri.

The textures of the bikini are gorgeous, creating a subtle sparkle on the otherwise simple triangle top and the thong bottoms fit my avi very well. The optional skirt and top pack includes a maxi skirt (as shown below), a babydoll top and miniskirt. You can see more of the collection on Mimikri's blog. My only complaints: there is no fat pack available (I want it in all colors!) and the bikini and skirt set are sold seperately. I'm trying to clean up my inventory, remember, so it would have been nice to have all of these items in the same folder without having to move them there myself. I can be lazy like that. Gee, maybe that is why my inventory is such a mess now, ya think? Ah well. It is what it is.

Here are some pictures of the St. Tropez bikini on its own and with the maxi skirt. And don't you agree that my future pretty in pink love boat makes a great backdrop?

Skin: Fleur Vivant Bronze Feline 3... of course :)
Eyes: ~Glanz~ .::Eyes::.mid:FreshBlue
Hair: MMS-MessyHair - Natural Blond
Bikini and Skirt: Mimikri St. Tropez - Black
Shoes: *HUB* Venus Sandals in Sleek Noir
Jewelry: -Earthtones-Chakra Boho Beads Hoop Earrings and Necklace, Black/Gold
Hat: Cachet-TiffanyHATearth (retextured)
Handbag: Everyday Tote (Steel)
THE Boat: MaxMarine's Swordfish 40 in Pink
Photographs taken at Max Marine

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Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Friday! That means it's time to cut loose a little and have some fun. And for me, that means taking in a live concert or two. Since starting my "diet", I have been finding some real treats in my inventory, but was really inspired to put this look together when I opened the ultra cool t-shirt dress that was yesterday's group gift from Emery.

More views and style sheet after the cut.

Dress: Emery Group Gift
Jacket: Muism
Tights: Cachet
Shoes: Maitreya
Necklace: Nevermore
Hair: ETD AJ
Skin: Mela's Elephant Skin
Ring: Redgrave
Belt: Majika

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