Express The TRUTH!  

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I discovered TRUTH while jumping from SIM to SIM searching for ghosts over Halloween weekend. It's an interesting store, with a vast array of items for both men and women (looks pointedly at Payten). My favorite item, though, is the Spy coat. I love it. I love everything about it; from the black color, to the shiny silver belt, to the fun zipper detail. The bottom of it moves beautifully as you walk and it definitely screams "Spy".

For the TRUTH photo contest, I headed over to AM Radio's Dancing Umbrellas Installation. Cajsa gave me the landmark for this when MDR did their shoot for Runway Magazine. That issue comes out this week, I believe, so be sure to pick up a copy and check out the feature on the ladies of MDR.

The contest rules are that you must wear TRUTH hair, clothing, and shoes so I paired the Spy Coat with the Huntress boots in night. Spy. Huntress. Midnight. Night. I feel like the next Bond girl! The Jennifer hair in Flame was the perfect compliment to the look.

This coat would look wonderful with almost anything you paired with it; i.e. jeans, black pants, etc. I chose to go without for the contest, which certainly works as well. Though you do have the added complication of people asking you if you're wearing anything underneath the coat. Perhaps it's more fun to leave them guessing.

Photo contest or no, I like TRUTH's style. There's a wide selection of hair, clothing, and shoes for both men and women. It's definitely worth stopping by on your next shopping trip around the grid.

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Skin: Celestial Studios - Charmed Skin 20 (Glitter- Silver 2)
Eyes: Eye AC - darkturquoise
Hair: TRUTH - Jennifer, Flame
Coat: TRUTH - The Spy, Midnight
Boots: TRUTH - Huntress Boots, Night
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks - Diamond Nostril Stud
Caroline's Jewelry - Graduated Diamond Set


Photos 1 & 2 - Striking Poses - DQ2 - Bette Davis
Photo 3 - Striking Poses - Sandra Bullock Freebie Pose
Photo 4 - Striking Poses - DQ6 - Ann Margaret

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Put On That Party Dress!  

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

There I was last Friday, the night of MDR's Anniversary Bash, standing in my bedroom frantically riflling through my inventory. What to wear, what to wear...the age old question that every fashionista asks herself before an important occassion. I had a list of criteria I was trying to follow:

Dressy but not TOO formal.
Classy and elegant.
Something a little out of the ordinary.
And most importantly...smokin H-O-T!

My first thought was a little black dress, because that works for almost every occassion, but I wanted out of the ordinary. Perhaps I could find something that fit both bills?

It took me awhile, but I finally stumbled upon the perfect dress for theparty. It fit all of my party dress criteria, and better yet, I'd not had an opportunity to wear it yet. So what dress was the perfect dress for an anniversary bash? What dress was elegant, sexy, and a bit out of the ordinary? The Noir Vero Flexi Dress from Leezu Baxter Designs, of course.

Leezu Baxter always has fabulous, not your run of the mill, couture. I've been an admirer of hers for quite some time, but I admit I don't get to wear her things as often as I'd like. I bought this dress on impulse quite awhile ago, but hadn't had a reason to wear it yet. I'm so glad I pulled it out and dusted it off. It was the PERFECT dress for the occassion.

This dress is exquisitely sexy. The geomatric cut out pattern on the torso and the plunging neckline show off a tantalizing amount of skin without crossing the line.

The skirt comes with three flexi prims and it moves beautifully...this is definitely a dress for dancing. I love the pairing of the modest length of the skirt with the daring neckline. And the gloves, with their matching cut out pattern, not only compliment this dress perfectly, but they add that touch of elegance I was looking for.

I paired this dress with the new Yvette hair from ETD because I thought an updo would look best, but I didn't want anything too formal and polished. Yvette is just a tiny bit messy and a little less formal. The hair sweeping across one side of the face adds a touch of sexy to the updo. For jewelry, I kept it simple and understated so as not to overpower the dress. Caroline's graduated diamond set was the perfect compliment. Classic, simple, beautiful. And besides, diamonds go with everything, right?

Black seamed stockings and the Maitreya Virtue shoes were the finishing touches to my Anniversary Party look.

Next time you're at Leezu Baxter, make sure you check out that little room called Noir; there are lots of little gems in that collection, and Vero is the perfect party/night out on the town dancing dress.

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:

Skin: Celestial Studios - Charmed Skin 20 (Glitter- Silver 2)
Eyes: Eye AC - darkturquoise
Hair: ETD - Yvette, Crimson
Dress: Leezu Baxter Designs - Noir Vero Flexi Dress
Stockings: Blacklace
Shoes: Maitreya - Virtue, Patent Leather
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks - Diamond Nostril Stud
Caroline's Jewelry - Graduated Diamond Set

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Fall Mix and Match  

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yesterday was MDR's first anniversary. It's been a year of growth, moving from a small beachfront studio to having an entire SIM full of photo opportunities and a three-story studio extraordinaire. Cajsa has been hard at work building and texturing things, and I have to say the place looks great. We're having a party on Friday to celebrate a year of taking fabulous photos AND the grand opening of our new SIM, and I've been busy with the preparations for that. But I did take a few moments recently to enjoy some of the fall scenery around the grid before it all disappears and the snow starts showing up. It's not been chilly enough for a coat yet, but this season definitely calls for longer sleeves. I decided to do some mixing and matching of old and new pieces to travel the grid in and I came up with some wonderfully fashionable looks.

Qualified Cutie from Mischief is a favorite in my Sexy Business Wear folder and one of the first outfits I bought at Mischief. But for today, I decided to pair it with a newer find, the Buckle Pants from SLink. Adding the Tamara shoes from ZHAO and the Secret hair from TheAbyss gives it that sleek sophisticated look that is perfect for the office...

...or for frolicking in the fall leaves.

While on my sojourn around the grid, I decided to check out Cachet, as I'd not been there in several months. On the second floor, I found this treasure. The Sarah shirt, which I paired with my very first pair of SL jeans, the Black Embellished Jeans from Celestial Studios.

I don't generally wear shirts with prints on them but the texture on this shirt is exquisite, and I love the banding around the collar and waistband which has been added to the elbows and cuffs also to tie it all together. It comes in several colors, but when I saw that this one was called Funeral, there was no doubt I had to have it.

This look is a bit more causal and a lot monochromatic, so in keeping with that theme I donned the new Hylda boots from Tesla in black. I love everything about these boots, from the shiny leather texture to the cute little zipper and metallic ring on the side. They go perfectly with jeans.

Now that I've frolicked about in the fall leaves for awhile, it's back to party preparations for me. The party starts at 6:30 p.m. slt and will be held in the Portfolio Room at MDR. Come enjoy great music, dancing, and some fabulous prizes in the raffle ball. Oh, and don't forget to take the grand tour of the new SIM. There's plenty to see and do.

Now if I can just figure out what to wear...but that's a post for another time.

Photos by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info Outfit #1
Skin: Celestial Studios - Charmed Skin 20 (Glitter- Silver 2)
Eyes: Eye AC - darkturquoise
Hair: the Abyss - Secret, Blood
Manicure: Sin Skins - Glitter Manicure, Crimson
Top: Mischief - Qualified Cutie (part of an outfit)
Pants: SLink - Buckle Pants, Black
Shoes: ZHAO - Tamara, Black
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks Nostril Diamond Stud
MUSE - Classic Tank Watch, Black & Silver
Caroline's - Individual, a Right Hand Ring
Poses: Long Awkward Pose - Fierce (picture 3)
Long Awkward Pose - Magic of Oz - Witch Castle Falling (picture 4)
Model Info Outfit #2
Skin: Celestial Studios - Charmed Skin 20 (Glitter- Silver 2)
Eyes: Eye AC - darkturquoise
Hair: the Abyss - Secret, Full Moon
Manicure: Sin Skins - Glitter Manicure, Black
Top: Cachet - Sarah Shirt, Funeral
Pants: Celestial Studios - Black Embellished Jeans
Shoes: Tesla - Hylda Boots, Black
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks Nostril Diamond Stud
Caroline's - Moon Necklace
Caroline's - Individual, a Right Hand Ring
Pose: ::Tuli:: - Elegance (picture 5)
ANA_Mations -BabyDoll4_hip (picture 6)

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Another Masterpiece at Skin Within! **Revision**  

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Above is designer Ayesha Bisiani and MC Payten Harrop at the Skin Within Fashion Show introducing "Alaysia".

Ayesha Bisiani of "Skin Within" has done it again with her newest addition of skins called Alaysia! I was honored to go to this show and was in awe of the beauty that she has created with this line. The first model, Madison Sullivan, showed us the no makeup version. This really shows the lines and highlights of the skin and that time has really been put into her work. The skin has a peachy tone, with full beautiful lips. The ethnic tilt of the eyes really brings the exotic grace of this beauty to light.

The next makeup we were to see was the Day Collection, Luxi, where greens and copper color really show the eyes. The lips are a russet color that isn't overpowering but exotic and natural. The Evening Collection, are colors of silver, gold and mahogany that truly splash the look. I can tell you, eyes will turn and you will be the look of any room you enter in this makeup. This is a must have for your holiday party!

The next model, Haylee Jameson was wearing a dramatic look and a definite show stopper, Mei. This is in the smokey set and wow, extremely dramatic with rich indigo that lines the eyelids to really bring out the cat like eyes. The colors of violet and slight green add to this truly exquisite collection.
The last and sadly, final skin is the Traditional collection, Dan. This pale skin has the wow factor when the eyes and cheeks pop with colors of pink from the lids to the temples and splashed onto the cheek bones. The bold colored lips really bring this collection all together to really make a sexy and dramatic look. Inspired by the ancient art of Chinese Opera, it features subtle makeup details of classic stage white that splashes up the forehead and dots the eyes. I have never seen anything like this collection before.
What I truly like about Skin Within is that the skins are so versatile on every shape and size...They don't lose their beauty and sexiness with the change of size. I really recommend it. :)
Sorry that I was unable to get pics of all the models but I was dealing with a lag monster so I will show what I have....You will have to go see the rest ;)

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