Ginny Talamasca's Last Call...A Tribute To One Of Second Life's Most Prolific Designers  

Monday, January 28, 2008

Anyone who has ever dipped even a toe into the swirling waters of the Second Life fashion world knows that when it comes to integrating creativity with flawless design and of-the-moment wearability, few, if any, could compare to Ginny Talamasca. Her creations made Last Call the must-have landmark for any fashionista worth her shoes.

Gabby and Pyper are certainly no strangers to the Last Call phenomenon, having discovered for themselves the wide range of styles and aesthetics available in this one location very early on in their SLives. Sadly, Ginny will be leaving the grid soon. Fashion hungry avis fill the Dazzle sim daily to snap up her timeless designs before they are no longer available.

We recently sat down to talk about Last Call and we looked at the items that each of us most associate with the Inimitable Ginny Talamasca...

Gabby: One of the things that I most love about Ginny's designs is the way they are very sexy without being too revealing or, to be blunt, trashy. These are the clothes that you wish you could rez into your RL wardrobe, lol.

Pyper: OMG...isn't that the truth. They are so versatile and you can go from business-like to full out hot and sexy in a matter of seconds. As far as my RL wardrobe... Man, isn't there a way to transfer objects into my own closet? LOL. I absolutely love the exceptional quality of these clothes and it is so hard to find anything close. I mean the prim attachments are always in alignment. There are never holes or gaps and the clothes just look so real. What do you think Gabby?

Gabby: I would agree, I rarely have to make any adjustments to get the items to fit correctly. Especially her babydoll dresses. I think Ginny can be credited for perfecting, if not starting, the babydoll fad in Second Life. What really jumps out at me when I see one of Ginny's designs, is the detailing. All of the hand drawn touches that display a level of artistry and attention to detail that few other designers take the time to include. That, I believe, will be Ginny's legacy in Second Life.

Pyper: Now, when I think of Last Call and Ginny Talamasca I think of high fashion, yes, but I also think of beautiful gowns that have such intricate detailling and unique design. I have bought all of them and can say that there isn't one that I don't like. I feel elegant and also sexy in the gowns that she has created and the fabric textures used are above all the best I have seen.

Gabby: I think we agree that Ginny will be remembered as a true artist who went to great lengths to see her particular vision carried out in SL. Ginny Talamasca will be missed.

But, take heart, fashionistas...Last Call is not going away! Ginny's trusted partners will be there to continue bringing high fashion to Second Life's fashion fanatics.

On Gabby:
All Clothing by Last Call
Hair by ETD
Boots by Lyra Muse for ::Vamp::
Heels by Stiletto Moody
Jewelry by Caliah Lyon for Muse

On Pyper:
All Clothing by Last Call
Hair by ETD
Boots by Lyra Muse for ::Vamp::
Heels by Devyn Carmichael for ::Vamp::

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We've Got Spirit Yes We Do, We've Got Sprit...How 'Bout You!!!!  

Monday, January 21, 2008

SavannahAnn McMillan, from Spirit City, is the most amazing cheer and dance designer I have met and seen in SL. Not only is she a great designer but a wonderful person also. She had helped us with our Costumes in "The Nutcracker" for the SL Ballet and wow did the costumes come out remarkable as you can see below. She is a dedicated creator to give us what we need in the cheer and dance world and I know I can always go to her store and find exactly what I need.

I recently had the opportunity to visit with SavannahAnn and we talked about her passion for Content Creation in SL and her love of cheer and dance. Here is a little bit of our conversation.
(read the full interview, more pictures and product info by clicking more....)

Just the facts: :)
Name: SavannahAnn McMillan
Rez Date: 3/29/07
SL Occupation: designer, scriptor, builder, animator
Favorite SL Pastime: my business

Pyper Dollinger: What was your first day on SL like?
SavannahAnn McMillan: Thankfully I had an online article about SL to follow, which told me exactly where to go to get freebies. So most of my first day was spent at The Free Dove and Tete a Pied.

PD: Did you always know that you had something creative to offer SL? How did you come to be a designer?
SM: I've always been a bit obsessed with cheerleading and dance. So when I saw that SL didn't seem to have a designer dedicated to serving just these communities, I jumped at the chance to fill that niche. I didn't have a shop yet, so I began taking classes at NCI and building things in sandboxes. Then I heard about a new shopping village that was offering free shops for rent for 2 weeks. So I zoomed over, grabbed a shop, and stumbled through the process of creating my first texture for upload. From that moment on, I was hooked!

PD: Tell us about some of the people who have offered advice and guidance along the way.
SM: I'd had some graphic design experience in the RL, but not the level needed to be a good designer in SL. So my first designs were...sadly lacking, lol. I even made the audacious mistake of submitting some of those designs to the Style Disorder blog, among others (shuddering at the memory). Thankfully Willow Caldera at Style Disorder was kind enough to IM me and tell me my work needed...more work, lol. She then modelled many designs by some of the best designers in SL, including the late Ginny Talamasca. That was quite an eye opener, and I've been striving to push my skills further with every design ever since. All the free in-world classes have been a true God send, and I've been lucky to find some extra talented scriptors who have not only fixed my fledgling scripting attempts, but even went so far as to teach me what I was doing wrong.

PD: What inspires your creations?
SM: Everything cheer and dance in the RL. It's becoming a bit of a problem, actually. I can't find enough time to make everything that I see in the cheer and dance catalogs!

PD: Were you into dance and cheer in RL?
SM: VERY! I was a competitive dancer from 4th grade through 12th grade, and later became a high school dance team director for a while. I always wanted to be a cheerleader, but never had the guts to do the cheering part of it, lol. Dancing I can do, but yelling at a crowd? Nope. So I greatly admire the cheerleaders for their fantastic attitudes and courage to really put themselves out there to encourage support for their team.

PD: How much time each day/week do you spend either working in SL or designing for SL?
SM: Let's see, an average of 16 hours a day, 7 days a week... that comes to... a LOT! lol

PD: Who is your favorite designer? RL and SL.
SM: Don't have just one favorite designer in the rl. In SL, I have several faves, including Last Call, Armidi, Celestial Studios, Liquid Velvet Studios' stunning ballroom designs, Ll-animations (REALLY fabulous ballet animations!), Shiny Things, Ivalde, the list goes on.

PD: When you are not working, who do you spend the most time with in-world?
SM: (snickers) This would require me to not be working in SL, lol. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs (my mother and father both own/owned their own businesses, ditto for my maternal grandmother, 2 aunts, and one cousin). I was raised to believe that the only way to get things done is to work hard AND smart for what you want in life. Plus, having a family, part-time job, and 2 rl businesses means my time in SL is very precious to me. Designing and working for SPIRIT IS playing to me! :D

PD: What type of things does you like to do outside of SL?
SM: Spend time with my family, work from home part-time for an online company, and manage two more online businesses of my own.

Thanks so much SavannahAnn!!! :))


Please visit SavannahAnn's store at Spirit City

What I'm wearing:

Cheer Uniform:

Skin: Nyte 'N' Day-Evolution.v2. Tan-Smokey Cool
Eyes: Armidi Body-True Enhancer,Breeze
Hair: Gurl6-babe3-Sunshine Pack-Creamy Blonde
Uniform: Spirit-Bring It On, Clover-Cheer Uniform (top, bottom and skirt attachment, along with pom pons.)
Shoes: Spirit Cheer Sneakers

Snowflake Costume:
Skin:Nyte 'N'Day-Evolution.v2.tan, Smokey Cool
Eyes: Armidi Body-True Enhancer, Breeze
Hair: Spirit, Nutcracker Snowflake Hairstyle, Blue Shimmer
Earrings: (C)*Snowflake Earrings
Necklace: Muse- Claire Ballet Slipper, Ivory
Tights: Radical Wook Designs, with a pack for tights and leotards
Costume: Spirit Nutcracker Snowflake Costume *Originaly made for SL Ballet*
Shoes:Spirit Pro Ballerina Pointe Shoes

Ultra Comfy Workout Outfit:

Skin: Nyte 'N' Day-Evolution.v2. tan, Smokey Cool
Eyes: Armidi Body- True Enhancers, Breeze
Hair: ETD-Amber, Blonde Pack, changed beanie to black
Necklace: Shiny Things-
Top: Spirit Dance Cropped Hoodie-Black/white-attached hoodie
Pants: Spirit Dance Practice Outfit Mix n Match, pink lacing, longnloose
Shoes: Spirit cheer shoes, white

*thank you so much to Misty Gentil for taking the time to do my awesome pics for me. You are getting really good at this :)

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What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?  

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Recently, as I wandered around the local Barnes & Noble, I noticed a few books about Second Life. I knew they were out there, but I'd never actually looked through any of them. As I flipped to the back of the book about how to become a successful entrepreneur in SL, I noticed an ad for Creating Your World: The Official Guide To Advanced Content Creation For Second Life. Interesting, thought I. But, alas, the book was not in stock and I had gift certificates just begging to be used. And then, divine intervention. The salesperson reminded me that gift certificates could be used for internet purchases. Color me happy. The book arrived last week...

Color me confused.

It is a great book, don't get me wrong. Well organized, cleanly written, relatively easy to follow (provided you have at least some basic knowledge of SL, the client viewer menus, and building). So why, then, am I confused?

I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. The possibilities are literally endless. I love the idea of being an animator. But, what about building furniture? I could animate the sit positions. Oh, I know, I could make Clothing or Jewelry (but let's be honest, I am much better at shopping than I am at creating original, intricate and detailed many others do it so well).

I think for a while I will just really commit myself to spending some time each day in content creation, talking to the people who have been successful in bringing their talents to SL (see note below) and practicing the skills I know and learning new ones.

So, dear readers, the questions are these: What should I be when I grow up? And what do you want to be when YOU grow up?

Until next time... do something, learn something, find something new...remember it is up to you to Create Your World!

...Check back later this week...Pyper and I are preparing a very special post all about Second Life Clothing Designer, Model, SpokesAvatar and Business Owner....Callie Cline! You won't want to miss our interview with Callie and a photo album of her designs...

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Pyper's Hello and Welcome!!!!!  

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Well hello and welcome. I have been in SL for 8 months now and have become a part of many different things in this, not so long period of time. Of course, I have to start by talking about my wonderful friends that I have found on SL and have made SL what it is for me. I am with the SL Ballet, AlinaRae modeling, Bundle of Joy Staff, and Reaction Pro Surfer. I would love to share with you what each of these things entail and what they mean to mean along with some great places to go to see or find great deals associated with them.

  • Payten Harrop- He is the best friend and most loving person you will ever meet in SL. He has helped me through many highs and lows in my SL experiences and has always been there for me no matter what. He is also an amazing DJ and you can check out his schedule under DJ Payten fan club. He is also a member of Reaction surf team also.

  • Gabby Panacek-Well sis, we have made it this far....Let's see how high we can fly. Gabby is a RL friend of mine that I decided to bring in world with me to share the experience and of course the shopping sprees with. Man can we shop. I am proud of her and what she has accomplished. Love ya sis.

  • Misty Gentil- What can I are always there for me through thick and thin. You share the love of ballet in sl with me and doing the gestures sometimes we wonder where Inarra gets them from. lol......You broke down everything at your house for me to have my beautiful wedding. You always give me such awesome clothes when you buy duplicates.heheh. I am glad to have you as a friend and remember I am always here for you too.

  • Somanna Sands- My wonderful friend from RL work and another I have pulled into the game of SL. OO I am so bad. Thanks Somanna for all you do and for sharing your lunch time listening to me. Your the best. :)

  • Deyna Broek, Ipunin Pera, Portia Roelfs, Cajsa Lillihook, Misty Gentil, Inarra Saarinen, Desne Aabne, Whamdammit Merryman, Radical Twang, Sierra Sugar- and whoever I have missed I really apologize. You all are apart of my SL and have made it what it is for me. I wouldn't want to be here without you.

The SL Ballet is the first and only virtual ballet company in SL. We dancers put a lot of time and ideas into this to create a story of love, hate, sharing, and dreams for our viewers. We have been dancing for over a year now and still loving every minute of it. We are currently doing "The Nut", Which is an adaptation of the woderful Christmas story "The Nutcracker." We will be running this through the end of January then off to a whole different story. Which is top secret at this time. hehe. If you would like to get more info on the ballet you can check it out at or go to our blog at

I am a model for AlinaRae Inc. and have learned to broaden my modeling horizons from the outstanding group of people that are there. They are always there to help when I need it and always can offer great tips on how to make an avi look great. I have found the best photographers in SL to be Ted McKenna and MDR Photography. Check them out.

Wow, Bundle of Joy....I am currently pregnant in SL and this clinic is the best of the best. I have recently taken a position with them and am really enjoying learning all the aspects of SL maternity. From conceving, to deciding what type of skin, hair and eye color you want for your baby all the way to the real to life deliveries, I am just truly amazed by it all. Thank you to all of you for taking me in and showing me the ropes.

Last but not least, Reaction Pro Surf Team- If you are looking to surf and need the duds check out Reaction. Radical Twang and Breezy Biddle are the two most experienced and awesome clothes creators I have seen. They have anything from flip flops to boardies to wet suits and even great pants and shirts. You can also find your surfboards and windsurfers here also. Now the team is a great nit team that sticks together through thick and thin and we love to accept new avi's with an interest in surfing. We are coming up on the surfing season so if you are interested just let me know and I can let ya know how to sign up. Hope to see ya on the waves. Mahalo.

Well, I think I have gone on and on a bit much so I will take a break for now and I hope to see all of you soon.

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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...  

Saturday, January 5, 2008

♪♫…when the dog bites…when the bee stings…♪♫
♫♪...when i'm feeling sad…♫♪
♫♪…i simply remember my favorite things…♫♪
♪♫...and then i don’t feel so bad…♪♫

This post, in case you couldn't tell from the title, is all about my favorite things. Pyper and I talked about how to begin our blog, and we decided that each of us would tell you a little bit about ourselves. But, I couldn't just start with a "Hi, my name is..." type of post (yawn...), so I thought that I would let you learn more about me by telling you about some of my favorite things. So, without further ado, let's start at the very beginning...(♪♫…it's a very good place to start…♫♪)

Okay, number one. All evidence to the contrary, The Sound Of Music is not my favorite movie...but i had the opportunity to watch it again last weekend and it sort of inspired the theme of this post and has sort of taken on a life of its own. My favorite movie? That would be The Godfather, and Gone With The Wind, and The Contender, and The Cutting Edge (yes, the one with DB Sweeney and Moira Kelly. It's cheesy, I know), and...well, there are alot of movies that I love and could watch time and time again...maybe one day that topic will become a post of it's own. But, I digress...

Getting back to the topic at hand...some of my favorite things in SL are:

My amazing group of friends: Guy, Pyper, Tucor, Payten...these are the people who know me best and put up with me anyway (lol?). Actually, I have this network of SL friends whom I have met over the last six months or so...and they really make SL interesting. Each of them is unique and special in their own way and I love them all dearly. ::hugs:: And that will conclude the sappy part of our program.

Second Life Fashion: I am continually amazed by the creativity and talent dispayed by those who create the fun and functional for dressing up (or down) our avatars. I could list all of my favorite designers, but it seems I add a new one each day. I will be sure to talk about them all as I blog my way through SL for you.

Content Creation: I have discovered something very odd...I like to build (shock!). Really, ever since Tucor taught me to torture my first prim, I have been addicted. Sadly, I don't have the talent or knowledge yet to do everything I want to do, so I bother poor Tucor to distraction with what I'm sure he considers to be the stupidest of questions. But, I have found that I like, and am getting pretty good at, creating animations. This was a complete surprise to me. I'll tell you more about my adventures in animations and highlight some of the wonderful builds that can be enjoyed in SL.

My Inventory: Yes, it is a mess. Yes, it is desperate need of organizing. Still, I love it dearly. My SL New Year's Resolution was to not purchase anything else until it was clean and organized. But with a sale starting at ETD today, I'm pretty sure that resolution won't last out the week. But, I do have some really cool stuff that I just adore. Such as...
  • Anything by Callie Cline. Especially her limited edition Diamond Dust gown and the Sapphire gown that Guy had made for me for Christmas...a one-of-a-kind gown made just for me...could he spoil me any more? I think not.
  • Mystitool HUD. I love this radar and I wear it all of the time. Not only do I know who is around me at all times, I can rez posing stands, tables and chairs when i need a seat, control my flight speed, keep my favorite landmarks handy and so much more.
  • Stiletto Moody Python Slingbacks. If there is a hotter shoe on the grid, I haven't found it yet.
  • My Photo Album. I take pictures of everything and you will see alot of them here. These are my SL memories...some better than others, but all important to who Gabby is today.
  • My Inventory Storage Boxes and Texture Organizers from THiNC. When I use them, they are fabulous!
  • My Chimera. I have loaded it with all of my favorite dances from Sine Wave and I love it. It is perfect for those times when the club dance ball just won't do.
There you have it...a little about me via the things I love most in Second Life. Until next time...

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Welcome To Our Blog!  

Thursday, January 3, 2008

... We are glAmourAzzi...
....Welcome To Our Blog....
But don't let the name fool you...this blog is about more than just Glamour and Fashion in Second Life. So even though we share a love for SL Fashion, we know there is a whole world out there and we want you to get right into the middle of that with us. So, we will talk ALOT about fashion and the truly talented designers who have made getting dressed in Second Life so much fun (!), but we are also going to weigh in on everything from content creation to events! Won't you explore along with us?

Sometimes Gabby will post a topic and sometimes you will see a submission from Pyper...and sometimes we will post today! This way, you get to be right in the middle of our conversation (without having to endure the frantic way we interrupt each other or our uncontrollable giggle fits).
So log in often to see what we have to say. And if you have an idea for a topic, leave a comment here or contact either of us in-world.
We hope you enjoy your time with us!

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