A Unique Perspective on Sameness  

Friday, January 30, 2009

And now for something new...or not. As you've probably gathered, a lot of us bloggers are wearing the SAME DAMN THING today. Achariya issued this challenge in response to some conversations on plurk. I think most of us bloggers have caught flak from time to time because we've blogged something someone else already showed. But this challenge is to show you that while we are wearing the same item, we look completely different. We all bring our own personality and sense of style to an outfit. So what if someone else already blogged it? Maybe you didn't care for it the way you saw it once, but the second time was a look you could see yourself wearing? Isn't that fashion in its truest form?

Our item of sameness is the Men's Cambridge Cuffed Sleeve shirt from Armidi. I dragged Rhodesy into this challenge (actually, she volunteered) and just in my blog alone, we created two completely different looks.

I've gone Punk Chic by pairing the Cambridge shirt in Aqua Afrillia with the Black 3/4 Pants (Kitty Pants) from WRONG. I chose Aqua to bring out my eyes, but it comes in a myriad of color options. I completed the look with some well thought out accessories and my Basic Boots from WRONG.

Of course, being a Men's shirt, the prim cuffs and collar are H-U-G-E. But a quick resizing and they're just fine. I left mine a little big because I thought it went better with the look I was going for, but you can make them as small as you want.

Rhodesy went more for the Glamourously Sexy Chic look by throwing the Purple Lily Corset from Insolence over her Cambridge Cuffed Shirt in Aufren Light Grey.

The SLink Leather Pants continue the sexy look and the boots from Storm Schmooz don't hurt either.

One shirt, two different looks in my blog alone. You might get tired of seeing this shirt on the feeds today, but then you might find it to be an interesting experiment like I do. And who knows? Maybe you'll even find a new perspective on fashion.

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Skin: Celestial Studios - Charmed SKin - 20 (Glitter - Silver 2)
Eyes: Eye AC - darkturquoise
Manicure: Sin Skins Glitter Manicure, Black
Hair: theAbyss - Secret, Full Moon
Shirt: Armidi Gisaci - Cambridge Cuffed Shirt - Aqua Afrillia
Pants: WRONG - Black 3/4 Pants (Kitty Pants)
Boots: WRONG - Basic Boot, Black
Accessories: Urban Dare - Leather Bracer - 2 strap, Left
WRONG - Sanity Jelly Bracelets
Inks & Kinks - Diamond Nostril Stud
Caroline's - Individual, a Right Hand Ring
Alienbear - Dark Sassy II Pearl Necklace

Skin: Alina Fair Eye Shadow Smokey, Red lipstick 1
Eyes: TD Eyes Violet
Hair: Tyra in Black by ETD
Nails: SinSkins Glitter manicure in plum
Shirt: Men's Cambridge Cuffed Shirt by Armidi, Aufren Light Grey
Corset: Lily Purple Satin Corset by Insolence
pants: Leather Pants in Pink by SLink
shoes: Storm Schmooz Maitresse Profond
Earrings: Chrstimas Fae Earring by Street Magic

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