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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Where do I start when I want to talk about these two awesome designers. Not only for the designs but their personalities as well. Around Christmas time, I added a tail and ears to my wardrobe and found every holiday one I could find. I popped into Ova and fell in love right off the bat. Tatiana and I had gone there for a freebie they had put out and from there I was hooked. I joined her subscribe O matic group and realized how generous they are. Ova makes the chlothes and Taylor does the tails, ears and scripts. They aren't ones that hide out and only go around the store when people aren't looking..Just the opposite they like to mingle and see who it is that is purchasing their wares. They are such giving people and has donated outfits for the SPIRIT Dazzlers to perform in an upcoming show and we thank you so much for that! Not only that but if you are in the Ova Group you will receive notices on how much Ova and Taylor have been working to bring us the awesome outfits that you can wear anywhere. Always giving away clever freebies that usually are to do with the seasons or just because.

Right now they have a Valentine's tail, ears and legwarmers that you can get all decorated up for your honey! Taylor has even created some really cool new tails and ears that are to do with firefighting, police and even the old fart tail.....hehe and yes it really does emit those nasty gases when touched.

Not only do I make it a must visit almost daily but I have become great friends with the two of them and I am so glad for that. Ova and I talk for hours and she loves to tease me with her upcoming skirts.......meany!!!! I just want to say thank you, thank you ,thank you to both of them and Ova, you are not the mean ogre. You are an amazing friend. Keep on making us smile and feeling good about going out with the best duds! ~hugs~
Hurry up and get over there if you want to be the hottest, sexiest kitty around...or maybe just super cute! The Valentines Day outfit will be out soon so keep your eyes open for it, I am sure it is going to be hot!
To Fern and Tati, thanks for making this one of the funnest blog shoots I have done in a long time!!!!!!

What I'm Wearing:
green outfit first:
SKIN: Redgrave-Chloe-smoky
EYES:-glanz-fresh blue
HAIR: DK-kayliane-blonde
OUTFIT: Ova hauled-OH-pinnedup in greens
BANGLES: Ova Hauled-bangles
NECKLACE: Ova Hauled bad kitty collar
BOOTS: Ema-Look (with an outfit)
EARS:*BN*Fairytale Ears
TAIL:Tails-*BN*Fairtytale fluffy tail pink
TATTOO: Fab Design-tattoo flower
Ears-*BN*Fairytale Ears

Valentines Outfit:
SKIN: DDD-Seductive Glow Skins-Kitty-Drama
HAIR:DK-rylee black
OUTFIT: OH Christina RED
NECKLACE:ova hauled-pierced heart collar
LEG WARMERS: OH KittyLegWarmers-Valentines day
EARS AND TAIL-Ova Hauled Valentines Pack-black
BOOTS: cipher-Santa fur boots (white)

What Tatiana is wearing: Pink outfit first
SKIN: Redgrave Tan Skin 05 -Moon
HAIR: ::DK::Lainey-Black Blonde w/Lainey Goggles
EYES: Adorable (aqua)
OUTFIT: OH PinnedUpHotPink
NECKLACE: OH PiercedHeartCollar
BANGLES: ::FlipSide: Black & Silver Bangles
EARS AND TAIL: OH Bowz Tail & Ears Blonde
TATTOO: GOK THE Black Widow Tattoo (part of an outfit)
BOOTS: RedGrave Girls' Biker boots=black

Outfit two: Red is the same as Pyper
HAIR: ::DK::Lainey-Black Blonde (without goggles)
BOOTS:Cipher Santa white fur

What Fern is Wearing: Red jacket
SKIN: [Renegade] 2 -PretoSkin - Redgrave 03 Emil
HAIR: Hair - Cabelo
OUTFIT: >>GothiCatz<<>killer
RING: JCNY - Calla, Mens Wedding Band
BOOTS:*Cobrahive* Nyaa! Neko Paws
Ears: fiefferling- 666 EARS
Tail: fiefferling-Q-5044 A BLACK PUSCHEL

Outfit 2: sweater and scarf
SKIN: - -Belleza- Thomas SK 7
TAIL:- OH Barbed Tail Black
EARS:- OH Neko
OUTFIT:- >>GothiCatz<

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