JJ Lane's and Surfing, Perfect Combination  

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello everyone, today its not about the cloths but more where to be seen in the cloths. I had the privilege and honor to sit with two very good friends of mine Aurora Jacks and Kristoffer Juneau, the very proud owners of JJ Lanes furniture store and Braata Beach.

Braata beach is the newest and hottest surf area in SL right now. It’s several sims of sun, surf and shopping. I asked Aurora about the area and she told me that it’s her and Kris’s goal to provide a fun environment to relax, surf and shop. Speaking of shopping, you have to start with the biggest and badest furniture in SL, JJ Lane’s. Great care and detail go into every piece they sell, and styles that are out of this world. Whether you are looking for a beach theme for that new house or a contemporary look for that sexy bedroom JJ Lane’s has you covered. Plus they pride themselves on great quality at a great price.
Then, when your done there its time to save a few linden in order to check out the several shops spread out among the sims. Can you say surf ware? My goodness, some of the best surf shops all in one place. You have; JJ’s Dive Shop, JJ’s Surf Shack, JL Boards, Ripple, Vogel Bikini, Surf Crazy, Beach Babes, and Aldos Surf Shop. So plan your time wisely and go right after payday.

OK, your dressed for the beach now, what to do what to do?? Well they have you covered there also. You can take your pick of a couple’s area to cuddle with that special someone, you can scuba dive in the lagoon, and then there’s the surfing. Not just one spot but several places to get your hang 10 on. Braata Beach has Epic waves, Pipes and Fluffys, (for you beginners…lol). So grab that board you just bought and make a wake. If the waves scare you, you can use a windsurfer that they provide for you, or your even able to rez a boat there and just cruise the crystal clear blue water of Braata Beach.

Don’t stop now, the sun is setting, the waves have flattened out, and it’s time for a drink. Yep yet again you are covered. It is time to dance the night away at The Bomba Shack. So now you can dance, party, and get rowdy all night long. And the perfect time to start is the upcoming event; Rastaman Sorbet is playing live, Sat. the 17th at 5 slt.

So I promise you won’t be disappointed with the shopping, surfing, or entertainment. Check them out and make it your new hang out.

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