Dress Me Up Challenge: Arcadia by Ana Lutetia  

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My next Dress Me Up Challenge is from Ana Lutetia, who said "hmmm... me thinks neko! ^^"

I know, I know, I'm way behind.

I have to admit to being a little excited about this challege because I am somewhat of an Ana Lutetia fangirl. I read a lot of fashion blogs, but hers is definitely one of my favorites. So, her taking the time to give me a challenge, was very cool.

I had an outfit in mind the minute I read this challenge, the Plaid Short Set from Riddle and it's one I've blogged before, which is probably not the best plan, but it's perfect for the look I wanted to end up with. However, I did take this opportunity to go out and find the best tail and ears I could find. I have one pair, and they're...good. Just..not excitingly good, ya know?
My friend Sutcliffe had this amazing tail on one night, and after getting the landmark from him, I tp'd over to Urban Dare. I recognized the name from Ana's blog, but I'd not gone to explore it. I'm so glad I took the time now because I LOVE this store. There's so much to see and do on this SIM that I think I spent at least two hours there, and that's saying something for she who has been known to tp out of a store in less than a minute.
The first thing I bought was the ear and tails. The quality here is amazing. Now, if you've read any of my posts at all, you know I'm a big fan of versatility, and the Neko Furry Tail and Neko Ears are the epitome of that. They come with a ton of options, from tail and ear length, to colors, to sound...a drop down menu is full of fun choices to help you coordinate your tail and ears with your outfit. Or, if you prefer, you can wear the HUD that comes with. I got the version with Bells, and you can toggle the level of the sound as well, which is a nice touch. There are several options to choose from though if bells aren't your thing. Oh, and people can interact with your tail and ears, petting them, tickling them, etc. And if you're with someone that has the same tail and ears, they interact with each other as well. How fun is that? The tail was just 200L and the ears, 150L. I'd say that's more than a bargain for everything you can do with them.

More behind the jump!

Even if you don't want to go full neko, this store has some amazing accessories that you could wear with just about anything. From boots to collars, to piercings, Urban Dare has a little bit of everything. My favorites are the leather arm bracers and straps, which also come in several options. These can be worn with a lot of the outfits in my inventory.

I grabbed the Urban Dare Cream Skin with Red Lips and Runny Eyeliner and I have to say I'm highly impressed. Skins are a bit of a problem for me. I can never find any that look right on my avatar...but this one is fantastic. It still looks like me, and I love the combination of the runny mascara and bright red lips. Craven Theas has several fun skins for you to choose from, and at 500L they're a bit of a steal. Oh, and let's not forget the Neko eyes. I got these lovely Lucky Monkey Neko Eyes in Medium Blue/Green. They're quite stunning. I forgot to take them off when I changed clothes to do a photo shoot, and my client complimented me on them and ran to get some for herself. She was as in awe as I was at the choices for eyes here. Every color combination you can think of!

There are also other merchants at Urban Dare, and Little Nuisance is probably my favorite. I got this super cute Art Belt by Little Nuisance and Urban Dare for 150L. I can't decide what part of this belt I love more: the picture changing frame, the paint brushes, the crayons that say Urban Dare, or the box of Nerds.

I also got this fantastic Poloraid picture changing necklace and loaded it with photos. It's super fun and works great. Also, the razor blade hanging off the back is a great creative touch.

I had the pleasure of meeting the creator and an owner of the club on Urban Dare, Indira Wobbit. She was very nice, and it was a pleasure meeting her as well as the host of the club and Urban Dare Model, Andie Boozehound.

I will definitely be going back to Club Dare. The mix of music was perfect for me: a little Electronica, a little Goth, a little Industrial. The club itself is extremely well done; the atmostphere is very welcoming, and the entire sim is a photographer's dream. I found some fun little hidden pathways and took some snaps. I couldn't resist. ;)

So if you're interested in high quality Neko items or just fun accessories, check out Urban Dare. With such excellent quality and affordable prices, it's definitely a great place to shop.

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Skin: Urban Dare - Cream, Red Lips, Runny Eyeliner
Eyes: Lucky Monkey - Neko Eyes Med Blue-Green
Hair: ETD - Aleah, Elika's Brown
Manicure: Sin Skins - Glitter Manicure, Black
Ears: Urban Dare - Neko Ear with Bells, Small
Tail: Urban Dare - Neko Furry Tail Long/Full - 3 Bells and Chain
Top: Riddle - Red Plaid Bikini
Bottoms: Riddle - Grey Plaid Shorts
Boots: WRONG - Basic Boots, Black
Tattoos: SN@TCH - Apnea Tattoos
PeppermintBlue - NekoPaws Tattoos Brown #01, 80%
Belt: Urban Dare/Little Nuisance - Leather Art Belt
Arm Straps: Urban Dare - Leather Arm Straps
Wrist Straps: Urban Dare - Leather Bracers, Double Strap

Necklace: Little Nuisance - Polaroid Picture Changing Chain

Nose: Inks & Kinks - Diamond Nostril Stud
Lip: Shit Luck - Crossing Lip piercing, female
Eyebrow: G6 - Double Eyebrow Ring

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